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Refugees or Maroons

You were in a bind, a rather desperate and dark situation and you got out. You escaped the plantation that is modern society, where rather than picking cotton or chopping wood, the slaves are commanded to manufacture sameness, sickening, standardized, infinitely commodifiable sameness. The image of survival is the image of the maroon. Maroon is a word of Spanish origins given to the runaway slaves of the Caribbean who used distance, altitude, forest, and swamp to separate their bodies from the po-lice of their time. The word means wild or feral and you are now entering into a wild state and tasting its many possibilities. This is good. This wildness is better than activism. In Jamaica, the Maroons held off the well-armed troops of the British crown– the cops – who acted out of a belief that free niggers in a slave society are a dangerous precedent...We have chosen to manage our lives as creators in a manner that looks a lot like the way the Maroons held the highlands of the Jamaican interior against the master’s best efforts to recover his property. Right now, the stage, the concert hall, the gallery, even networked media, are all functioning as Maroon settlements for society’s creative exiles, a place where the runaways can come together and safely congregate in numbers.

eat black .:::. mind over matter music over mind
recorded live at Bossa Bistro 12.10.15

special thanks to Jim Thomson and Dick Gregory


released January 11, 2015

Thomas Stanley: synths/efx
Luke Stewart: bass, synth/efx
Bobby Hill: records



all rights reserved


Bushmeat Sound System Washington, D.C.

.::: Bushmeat :::.

Thomas Stanley makes music in the infectious electroBush style: A necessary music that offers no safe quarter for the war mongers and money mongers who have distorted our beautiful planet (almost) beyond recognition. ... more

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