Voice Skins 04:29


Rape Culture, War Culture, Money Culture. Which of these kings of corruption would you depose first? Each sovereign is surrounded by a cadre of ministers and scribes to assist it in its rule. Each is defended by files of well-armed troops. Each of these destructive monarchs is dependent upon and reinforced by the other two. Indeed, their collective sovereignty thrives on the stability of the triangle as a form. But is it really an equilateral triangle? Is there a lynchpin vulnerability in this triangle of terror? For indeed we have ceded so much of the world to them that our only hope now is to snatch it all back in one king-quelling act of insurrection. Anything less than a bold act of treason against the three kings would be suicidal. It is they that have made Earth a prison planet, a plantation and a work camp. This riddle of three is the only question on the table. It’s like three card Monte. We’ve got to pick a card to overturn.
And we can’t be wrong. Not this time.


released April 1, 2019

This EP, like all of Dr. Stanley's work, is offered as a fundraiser for his activities in the service of Alter Destiny, i.e., Noetic (R)evolution, i.e., Human Development, i.e., Joy and Justice (which always go hand in hand).


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Bushmeat Sound System Washington, D.C.

Bushmeat builds music that is intended for listening. Please use headphones when consuming my product. This art is a preparation for entering something other than sanity. The opposite of sane is crazy and nobody wants to be crazy. But sanity is a rather small track, a loop. Along its course are all the regularities that keep us hygienic and safe but also all the grim realisms that keep us slaves. ... more

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