Self Radicalized

by Luke Stewart and Thomas Stanley

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"Popular culture is orchestrated by tangible entities within the music industry, to the point where there’s a particular aesthetic that is promoted that subconsciously fuels people’s sentiments about different artistic movements. Once a lot of money came into the music industry, that’s when I feel like tastes were being molded specifically to serve the commercialization of arts. I feel like, to a certain extent, there’s a battle of aesthetics going on because if you talk to most avant-gardists, they’re also into the popular stuff. They’re into some form of Top 40 thing, or they have their favorite classic rock song, or something like that. So I guess the question is, I can follow you there, but why can’t you follow me here?"
Luke Stewart

"The novelty of the coming politics is that it will no longer be a
struggle for the conquest or control of the State, but a struggle between the State and the non-State (humanity)...In the final instance the State can recognize any claim for identity...What the state cannot tolerate in any way, however, is that the singularities form a community without affirming an identity.“

Giorgio Agamben, The Coming Community


released November 6, 2014

Luke Stewart: Electrons
Thomas Stanley: Electrons

recorded at Pyramid Atlantic
October 2014 as part of Sonic Circuits



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Bushmeat Sound System Washington, D.C.

.::: Bushmeat :::.

Thomas Stanley makes music in the infectious electroBush style: A necessary music that offers no safe quarter for the war mongers and money mongers who have distorted our beautiful planet (almost) beyond recognition. ... more

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