President Reagan considered the contras to be the "moral equals of our Founding Fathers.” Typical among CIA-funded Contra operations was an October 28, 1982 assault on the villagers of El Jicaro in rural northern Nicaragua. On that US-tax-dollars-damaged day, Maria Bustillo watched helplessly as Reagan’s armed goons burst into her house and dragged away her husband Ricardo, a Roman Catholic activist, and five of their children. The next morning Mrs. Bustillo found the mutilated bodies of her children. Her husband's body was later found in a similar condition. Yes, Ronnie, such violent men are the moral equals of your founding fathers.


from M​.​A​.​G​.​A​.​M​.​F. (i dare you), released January 20, 2017
The voices were processed and layered by Christian Inguillo.



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Thomas Stanley makes music in the infectious electroBush style: A necessary music that offers no safe quarter for the war mongers and money mongers who have distorted our beautiful planet (almost) beyond recognition. ... more

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