Lake of Maat 06:27
Impeccable 11:29


After registering the initial resemblance to a human, most observers become aware of the large size and overall massiveness of the wood ape. Although difficult to quantify, the wood ape's powerful build is reflected especially in its broad shoulders and thick chest. William Roe, describing the female wood ape he observed within twenty feet of him, noted that “this animal seemed almost round. It was as deep through as it was wide…” Roe went on to say that “we have to get away from the idea of comparing it to a human being as we know them.” Similarly, the sasquatch Tom Sewid saw in a British Columbia coastal beach in the spotlight of his fishboat in September, 1994, had a chest “like one-and-a-half forty-five gallon barrels.”


released June 5, 2020

John Grunwell - Cover Art


all rights reserved



Bushmeat Sound System Washington, D.C.

Bushmeat builds music that is intended for listening. Please use headphones when consuming my product. This art is a preparation for entering something other than sanity. The opposite of sane is crazy and nobody wants to be crazy. But sanity is a rather small track, a loop. Along its course are all the regularities that keep us hygienic and safe but also all the grim realisms that keep us slaves. ... more

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